Amino Acid Analyses

These Association of Official Analytical Chemists, International (AOAC), and peer-reviewed Journal of the AOAC, Int., and other research procedures, are specifically designed for the analysis of feeds, plant tissue, cereals, raw and processed foods, solutions, media, and waste products, etc., where sample amounts are suitable for each test requested. Official methods of analysis typically employ cation-exchange chromatography (cIEC-HPLC) coupled with post-column ninhydrin derivatization and quantitation. Research methods using HPLC, gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) and mass spectrometry (MS), are also available, but not standard.

Current academic or corporate price lists for analytical services are available by e-mail. Please refer to the sample submittal webpage for information pertaining the declaration of 'supplemental' reagent grade amino acid levels prior to analysis.


Feeds, Grains and Foods

Physiological Analysis of Biological Fluids

Amino Acid Assays - Research

Microanalysis of Amino Acids

These analytical procedures are typically modified AOAC Int., JAOAC Int. or research methods to accommodate sample sizes or sample types that require special attention (additional charges apply). This would also include stained/unstained polyacrylamide gels, lyophilized or solution samples, samples on PVDF (preferred), nitrocellulose, resin, etc.