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Continuing in the legacy of the State Agricultural Experiment Stations, of Land Grant Institutions, the University of Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station Chemical Laboratories (ESCL), overseen by the Office of the Missouri State Chemist, is charged with both State regulatory functions and providing experimental and analytical support of extension and outreach efforts throughout Missouri, and beyond. Building on the impact that State Chemists have had on many agricultural industries, to include fertilizer, the ESCL, as an open-lab recharge center, makes available a broad spectrum of Official Methods of Analyses for nutritional determinations, agricultural products, and more, that can be seen by navigating this website. Just as importantly, by providing these analyses, the ESCL is ideally positioned to be active in the development of new/improved analytical methodologies.

As an educational, research and analytical service resource of the University of Missouri's College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR), the ESCL possesses unique qualities that enable it to better conform to the requirements of the ESCL user by providing official analytical services, as well as services that are not-so-routine, or are unique, difficult, require special attention or need methods-development. These same qualities also include a strong educational aspect in which the ESCL is a responsible resource dedicated to providing, to those who need assistance and to those who employ our services, open access to procedural references and scientific information, to nurture practical and scientific dialogues, and to assist in finding other resources throughout Missouri, America and abroad.

Our constant goals are to make these analytical facilities more responsive to the needs of the University, State, and global researchers, and corporate clients. Additionally, these goals include providing the most reliable, accurate, and affordable service available so that you can be more competitive, aggressive and/or decisive in your endeavors.

The hallmark of our success is your success and satisfaction.

AOCS Approved Chemist