Proximate Analyses

These Association of Official Analytical Chemists, International (AOAC), and peer-reviewed Journal of the AOAC, Int., and other Official and research procedures are specifically designed for the analysis of feeds, plant tissue, cereals, raw and processed foods, solutions, media, and waste products where sample amounts are suitable for each test requested.

The etymology of 'proximate' is the Latin word proximatus, meaning 'to come near' or 'close'. Hence, many of the proximate analyses are prefaced by the word 'crude', i.e., crude protein and crude fat, which also indicates that the several of the methods are indirect. An example of this is the measurement of a samples total nitrogen content (i.e., N2) which is then converted to a crude protein value.

A full range of proximate analyses and related fiber and protein procedures are listed below. Please visit the other navigation sites for further carbohydrate, lipid and mineral offerings.

Feeds, Grains and Foods

*methods require proximate analysis

Crude Fiber and Components

Protein Analyses - Miscellaneous