Drinking Water and Wastewater Analyses

Water, an inanimate inorganic molecule, is the essence of life and the boundary in which we thrive. As a solvent and a matrix, most every earthly drop has been an essential participant in the past -a role that continues today and folds into the future. It reflects natural changes and those that are man-made.

The man-made issues of pesticides are the primary focus of this web site; minerals are addressed on another web page. The subject matter of pesticides is complex due to the numerous chemical types, their characteristics, and their utility. At the ESCL, we have targeted specific methods for drinking water and wastewater analyses that are commonly requested. Other methods are available - please inquire.


Drinking Water and Wastewater Discharges

A select range of EPA methods for the determination of organic compounds in finished drinking water (EPA 500 series) and in industrial and muncipal wastewater discharges (EPA 600 series) are available at the Agriculture Experiment Station Chemical Laboratories. Indicated below are the most requested broad spectrum identification screens for these EPA series. Quantitative analytical assays are also available for most pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.

Pesticide Analyses for Foods & Feeds